Dad’s Low-Cal Breakfast Sandwich

It was just this past Christmas (2011) that my family and I were talking about our recipes. Especially some of the ones from my grandparents and mother. Apparently, his mother’s sauerbraten recipe had been lost. Dad said he wondered if there was a way to collect all the recipes we love in one place. I said, “There sure is!” I agreed to setup a recipe blog, and write up and post any and all recipes from our family and friends.

Everyone agreed to send me their recipes. Of course, since then, Mom has sent me two–and the second one was just a couple days ago, and it’s not published yet (Ham Pot Pie, and since I’m in Utah, we are going to make it tomorrow and take pictures for publishing next week). My sister has sent me one. Not quite the participation I had hoped for.

The first one I wrote up was my Italian Meatball recipe–though it was not my first published, as I wanted to do a couple others to get the feel of the WordPress interface. Lately, I’ve been leaning on every one to cough some recipes up as I was super busy in June/July and went over 30 days without a post 😦

Dad has been losing weight lately and has talked about this breakfast sandwich he makes. When I heard about it, I asked him to write it up and send it to me. He complained that he’s not a cook and this is the ONLY thing he knows how to make. I said if you can make ONE dish, you ARE a cook and I want that recipe!

Well, I never got that write up, however, I am staying with them for a week and yesterday I asked Dad to make me his breakfast sandwich. He agreed and I took pictures so I could just write it up myself. Here is the result. BTW, it was really good. It’s a simple breakfast that’s under 300 calories.

  • One egg
  • 1/2 slice of cheese (Dad says Tillamook Cheddar is the best)
  • One slice of ham
  • One “sandwich thin” (see photo)
  • Salsa (if refrigerated, heat it up in the microwave so it doesn’t chill the egg)
  • Butter

Start toasting the sandwich thin. Put a little butter into a heated pan and crack the egg into it. When it’s cooked on the one side, break the yolk and flip it over. Form it into a shape that will fit nicely on the sandwich thin.

Lay the half piece of cheese on top while it finishes cooking. When the bread is toasted, spread salsa on one side of the toast. When the cheese has melted, place the egg on the salsa, top with the ham and cover with the other side of toast. That’s it.

A variation that I came up with–being a serious chili-head–is using Sriracha sauce in place of the salsa. 😀  This could be made vegetarian by skipping the ham.


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President and co-owner of DC based design studio, icon werx, inc. Lived in Thailand for 8+ years (2003-2011). Rheumatoid arthritis and triple joint replacement patient.
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One Response to Dad’s Low-Cal Breakfast Sandwich

  1. Here’s hoping your family comes through with more recipes. A blog is such a great place to record them! Good luck.

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