Thai Crispy Pork Belly (Moo Grawp/Moo Krob/หมูกรอบ) Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer

This will be my first recipe post where I will do them quick and pretty much assume you are a intermediate-level cook. If you’ve never marinaded meat before, go figure that out and come back later.

If you’ve never used a pressure cooker and air fryer to make crispy pork belly, you are in the right place. On to the recipe…

I think technique is more important here than the ingredients. Marinate 1-1.5 inch pork belly slices for two hours to two days. I try for at least overnight, but two days is better

I used one part fish sauce, one part gold mountain seasoned soy sauce, one part regular soy sauce, one part water, three parts sugar, a couple smashed garlic cloves and a little sesame oil. At this point you could add any number of other things to add more flavor, but I’m going to keep it basic for now

Braise the belly in the marinade plus additional water (total of about a cup of liquid) in a pressure cooker (I used an Instant Pot) for 19 minutes on high with natural release.

Dry the pork and cool in the refrigerator for an hour.

Separate the oil and marinade from the pressure cooker pot and save both. Reduce the marinade and taste for re-seasoning. Add more Gold Mountain sauce, sugar and sesame oil to taste. Put in some white or black pepper.

Brush the belly with fat skimmed out of the cooker and chuck it in the air fryer (Instant Pot) on broil (400 °F / 205 °C) for 15 minutes, turning half way through. Let it cool a little bit before slicing and enjoying.

You could eat these as in with some sticky rice and dipping sauces, not just the one you already made. Thai Sriracha (or Huy Fong Sriacha too). Nam jim jeaw might be my favorite but almost any sauce would probably work.

You can also make other dishes with it. One of my favorites is Pak Kana Moo Krob (Chinese broccoli with crispy pork). The recipe in the link here is spot on authentic and proper.

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President and co-owner of DC based design studio, icon werx, inc. Lived in Thailand for 8+ years (2003-2011). Rheumatoid arthritis and quintuple joint replacement patient.
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