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Thailand Inspired Smoked Link Sausage / Hot Dog Sandwich

I reckon it does sound strange to read both “Thailand” and “hot dog” in a recipe title. One of the many surprises I had during my first visit to Bangkok, was visiting a Tesco supermarket and seeing the “hot dog” … Continue reading

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Asian-style Chicken Meatballs or Pork Meatballs with a green curry sauce ลูกชิ้นไก่ ใส่ แกงเขียวหวาน

I am not sure how authentic the meatball recipe is–the flavors are spot on, even though I came up with this on my own. Somehow I doubt they would use bread in a meatball, but it tastes like something you … Continue reading

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Creamy Tuna Soup or Creamy Clam Soup

This might seems like a strange soup. It seemed strange to me the first time I had it myself. I had recently moved to Bangkok and was with a friend at Sizzler (yeah, they have Sizzler’s over there) and there … Continue reading

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Massaman Thai Curry with Beef Shortribs แกงมัสมั่นเนื้อซี่โครงสั้น

This is the second of what will be four coconut milk-based Thai curry recipes I will post. In the States, red curry is the most popular. (my recipe is here) I was surprised to find out on my first visit … Continue reading

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Bom Burgers เบอร์เกอร์หมู หรือ เบอร์เกอร์ไก่ จากน้องป้อม (Asian-style pork burger or chicken burger)

I learn to make this one from a Thai in Thailand many years ago. This burger recipe is the result of my Scottish mate Alan’s wife, Bom, trying to make a “burger” for her Western husband. It doesn’t taste western … Continue reading

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Daeji Bulgogi Tacos 불고기

I am really not that into “fusion cuisine”. I’m not really against it, but I rarely experiment with cooking fusion stuff. In fact, if I am cooking the cuisine of another culture, I do my best to be as authentic … Continue reading

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Rob Howard’s Mexican Lasagne

2 pounds ground beef 1 packet Taco or Chili seasoning 1 cup of salsa Shredded cheese. Mexican blend from a package works great or colby-jack & cheddar if you want to shred your own 2 cans of refried beans or … Continue reading

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